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A compilation of blogs regarding the Paedophile Care System involved in creating Mind Control Slaves

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In November 2010 I started writing blog's in an attempt to bring public awareness of the case I took on in 1999; where a child was being sexually abused in our British 'care' and underwent Government Mind Control programming at the hands of her foster carer and numerous other professions and programmers.
To begin with she was in care, up for adoption under a social services care order. Her Mother came to me as a client seeking to become clean of Crack-cocaine and have her child returned.

This blog contains many of the aspects I have covered regarding her case.
firstly outlining the case in the fight to have the child returned and the obstruction experienced from all statutory  service, exposing the Matrix of our system.

Blog : Paedophile ring hidden in the British Care System


In additon to experiencing a closed shop, joined ranks against justice it became clear Occult practices were also involved.

Blog: Occult aspects of the paedophile case


We experienced  a very hidden means of harassment which we later learnt to be common, but at the time experienced it in total isolation, it has many names to describe it,one of which is Gang stalking. Every aspect of life is
 covered and a systematic oppressed  to isolate you from society and weaken your chances of survival.

Blog: Gang stalking aspect of paedophile case


Here is another blog I have written on the matter of gang stalking.

Blog: Surveillance/Gang stalking call it what you will this is partly how it’s done

It became clear that the child had very odd behaviours that couldn't be explained. I searched for understanding of and on reaching awareness of Government Mind Control everything started to fall into place.

Blog: British care system creating mind control slaves


We tried every avenue available to help the child get a paediatric 
examinations for abuse but to no avail. The Police complaints Authority was informed.

Blog: How Police Complaints Authorites handled the case

No one seemed to be concerned so i wrote to The Prime minister at the time; Tony Blair and CC'd it to Home secretary David Blunkett and MI5.

Blog: Tony Blair's response to truth being informed of paedophile ring hidden within Social services

Learning how to deprogramme the hidden memories she was able to gain understanding of herself and gain more control. Here is some of what she recalled.

Blog: Using a Childs deprogrammed memory,gives you insight into the process involved

I made video's to explain things also, I have put together this playlist of video's I speak of  regarding this matter.

Video playlist: The Paedophile 'Care' system in Britain

for some reason this video shows as saying ' A plug in is needed to display this content' idea why. but in case this is how it is for others, I state here its a youtube video of mine,thus youtube owned by google, same self owners of blogspot,,,so hmmmm here is the videos title and URL.
I also have no idea why my face keeps distorting it didn't when I uploaded it years ago.

The Mother was a professional singer but refused to 'sell her soul' when asked to each year. She was paired with a guy who introduced her to Crack and she gave birth to the child in question. here is a sample of file notes demonstrating incidences alone have no meaning but seen holistically a true picture is revealed.

Blog: Insight into the tactics used against MK ultra slaves who refuse to sell

Here I explain how Crack alters are created and activated in the programmed slaves.

Blog: Fire on babylon: Crack-alters are activated in un-ruley slaves

This blog I wrote to explain to parents how to best protect their children for child protection removing their children.

Blog: How to protect children from ‘Child protection’

The Mother was highly programmed like most singing artists not only to sing but also as a child assassin; a very hidden area of Government Mind control.

Blog: rabbit holes in mind control to the hidden baby breeding of a successful British singing artist

I have written some info to explain mind control in simple terms along with an explanation on the creation of racist concepts.

Blog: Bursting the bubbles on mind control

I also have started writing on how to deprogramme for Mind Control

Blog: Deprogramming made easy(ish)